Digital inkjet fabric printing is the latest development in printing technology. Hitoshi Ujiie is one of the earliest pioneers, and has incorporated this technology into his textile design products. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries, including The Textile Museum in Washington D.C. and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York.

Hitoshi Ujiie has also been involved with consulting and product testing for inkjet manufactures and developers.  Digital Inkjet Fabric Printing requires four components of (1) printers (print head performance and media handling), (2) software (RIP to drive printers), (3) color management systems, and (4) colorants and substrates (specific ink chemistry and pre / post treatment of fabrics for ink fixation and image quality). He is constantly working closely with these manufacturers and developers for their latest technologies. Such companies include: Dupont Inkjet, Dystar, Epson, ErgoSoft, Huntsman Textile Effects, McDermid Colorspan, Mimaki Engineering, Mutoh Industries, Rohm and Haas, Sawgrass Technologies, Seiko, Trident ITW, Wasatch Inc and so on.

In 2000, he established Center for Excellence in Surface Imaging (formerly the Center for Excellence for Digital Inkjet Printing of Textiles) at Jefferson for conducting research projects in surface imaging design, engineering and business. As the director of the center, he currently organizes conferences and workshops to educate the public in this technology.

He also has launched Master of Science Degree in Surface Imaging at Jefferson in summer, 2015.