Self Portrait

Hitoshi Ujiie specializes in contemporary and innovative surface imaging. The Ujiie design studio provides cutting edge surface images, pattern designs, original digital inkjet printed products as yardage, as well as production of a complete design product.

Surface Imaging is a new field and refers to create imagery in various physical forms using a variety of digital printing technologies, including “direct surface imaging” on porous and non-porous substrates and “fabrication printing” through material deposition and subtraction printing technologies (laser and 3D printing).

With his background as an award-winning textile designer, in which he has provided original textile designs to the furnishings market for over 15 years, Hitoshi Ujiie now provides creative solutions for print design in a wide variety of substrates including paper, textiles, metals, glass, and wood.

The Ujiie design studio focuses on the integration of design aesthetics with new technologies by combing highly technical inkjet printing knowledge with creative expertise.